About us

Craytech is a manufacturer focused on the fabrication of innovative products for the industrial and healthcare markets. We design our products based on the wishes and needs of the (end)users.

This approach, in combination with the extended branch experience of our staff, assures products of an outstanding quality. Furthermore, our products are priced quite competitively and are coated with a unique antibacterial nano silver coating preventing micro organisms.


There is a broad range of medical keyboards available for the healthcare market. Until recently however there was no keyboard that exactly catered to all the wishes and needs of the users. Our medical keyboards have been designed based on market research among intended users. This has led to a couple of unique features.

For example, our touch pads can also be used while wearing latex gloves and will keep functioning in contact with water. Our medical keyboards are therefore especially suitable for use by dentists, doctors, health care facilities and hospitals.


Mailing address
Postbus 294
2800 AG Gouda

E-mail: info@craytech.com

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